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Admission Process


Thank you for your interest in Classical Consortium Academy.

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will close May 15th!  Spots are limited.  


Admission Steps


Review the Website
and Handbook

CCA isn't right for everyone.  We want to make sure that you gather as much information as you can to make an informed decision.  This website and our handbook have the most detailed information about who we are and what we are all about.  In addition, please review the entrance requirements for the level your student will enter in the fall to ensure that your student is setup for success.  We also highly recommend that you listen to this podcast featuring the reading of Joshua Gibb's "So Your Parents are Thinking of Sending You to Classical Christian School."  It is a "must listen" for all parents and all students entering Logic and Rhetoric levels.


Complete the Application

Please complete enrollment forms*, and provide the required materials, recommendations, and registration fee ($175 fee per family due at time of form submission if submitted by May 1st.  $200 fee per family if the application is submitted after May 1st.)

*We use a program called Jupiter Grades for registration and record keeping.  The company has added "They" as a gender choice with no way for us to remove it.  This doesn't reflect our values and belief that God created two sexes - male and female.


Join the Applicant Pool

If CCA is a good fit, your family will enter the applicant pool and wait to be placed.  Priority is given to previously enrolled students in good standing, children of staff, siblings of current students, and then new applicants.


Come for a Visit

It is one thing to read about something and another to experience it.  After having poked around our website and read our handbook, if you think CCA is a good fit for your family, please join us for a Preview Day (rising 7th-12 graders) or a Preview Night (rising k-6th graders).  We'd love to meet you and have you see us in action.


Join Us for a Family Interview

After we receive your application, we will contact you for a family interview.  Parents and children desiring enrollment should attend.  The goal of the interview is to get to know one another and to determine if CCA is a good fit for your family. 


Prepare for the Year

Once accepted into CCA, you will want to get prepared for the school year by purchasing your books, uniform, and supplies.

I’m thankful for the education I received at CCA.  It has prepared me well for the challenges I face in college.  I appreciate that I can use what I’ve learned and really take it to the next level here.  Sadly, I attend college with many smart people who weren’t prepared as well and are too busy being overwhelmed by what is asked of them to enjoy it.

-Ryan, CCA Alum

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