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Classical Consortium Academy's unique, rigorous, and affordable educational model has piqued the curiosity of people who are concerned about the education of America's precious children.  

C.C.A. is proud to serve as a model school for Turning Point Academy and be an affiliate member of the Turning Point Academy Association.

In this installment of Spotlight, David Smith is joined by Jennifer Burns, founder of the Classical Consortium Academy. The two converse about the benefits of a classical upbringing, involvement of parents, and the art of teaching children HIS-story, math, science, and all the other essentials, with a Godly foundation. They also discuss winsomeness and confronting ideas contrary to Scripture with love.


In this Sunday Breakfast article, Jennifer discusses classical education and CCA with Bill McLean.  McLean goes a bit personal.


Take Back Our Schools is a podcast hosted by Andrew Guttman and Beth Feeley.  Andrew Guttman made national news last year when he confronted his daughter’s elite Manhattan school with the radical ideology they were pushing on students.  Beth Feeley works for 1776 Unites project through the Woodson Center.  In this episode, Jennifer discusses classical education with Andrew and Beth.


Host Dawn Janowitz, an experienced homeschooling mom, and passionate advocate  guides her listeners on a journey from feeling overwhelmed to creating an extraordinary homeschool experience.

In Part 1 of this 2 part series of Hooked On Homeschool, Dawn interviews Jennifer Burns, a veteran in the world of homeschooling about homeschooling her three boys. 

In Part 2, Jennifer talks about her dedication to homeschooling and how it led her to partner with Turning Point USA, and assist with Turning Point Academy. Together, they're empowering other homeschooling moms to establish and run their own hybrid homeschools.


On January 22, 2024, New Trier Neighbors kicked off National School Choice Week in Illinois with an inspiring program with Ian Rowe, founder and CEO of Vertex Partnership Academies, a charter school network serving low-income students in the Bronx, and author of "Agency." Ian was interviewed by Ted Dabrowski of Wirepoints and then joined by Jennifer Burns of Classical Consortium Academy and Preston Kendall of Cristo Rey Network, a pioneer in the work-study education model, to share how their schools are offering students and parents best-fit school options.

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