Our Academic Program

Classical Consortium teaches students to become independent learners, logical thinkers and articulate speakers. But more than just academic skills, we build love of God's wisdom and strong character into our program so that our students are "equipped for every good work" 2 Timothy 3:17.

Primary Level K-2nd

Laying the foundation of knowledge through exposure to each subject area and memorization of important facts.

Grammar Level 3rd-6th

Laying the foundation of knowledge through exposure to each subject area and memorization of important facts.

Logic Level 7th-8th

Teaching students to develop critical thinking skills and learn to analyze arguments.

Rhetoric Level 9th-12th

Equipping students to recognize God's truth in all areas of study and elegantly communicate their ideas.

What is a Classical Christian Education?

1. God is at the center of all learning and our ultimate source of Truth. Our mission is to help our students to see the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in this world God has created.

2. Classical Christian education seeks to develop a love of wisdom and strong character in our students. Students learn the value of perseverance as they are challenged academically, and they see the beauty that comes through doing hard things. In community they serve others and see godly character modeled through parents and teachers.

3. Classical education is based on the Trivium, an understanding of how a child's brain works at each stage of development. By using particular teaching techniques in the context of specific courses, students are equipped to reach their full God-given potential. The Trivium includes three stages: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.


Academic Challenge

Classical Consortium is a classical Christian program which by definition is an academically rigorous one. However, it is not a program designed only for the gifted student. Expectations are high, but not unreachable by average students. It is important to remember that not every child is a straight “A” student and that your student’s expectations of grades may have to be adjusted. At Classical Consortium, we strive to help you challenge your child academically and grow his/her character.

We highly recommend that you read Douglas Wilson’s book
Recovering The Lost Tools of Learning for a complete understanding of the benefits of and methods unique to a classical Christian education.

Fees and Tuition

Fees and Tuition:
Registration Fee - $175 fee per family due with registration
Orientation Fee - $100 fee per student

Tuition for PreCC Level Students - $1,200 ($120.00/month)
Tuition for Grammar Level Students - $1,435 ($143.50/month)
Tuition for Logic Level Students - $1,535 ($153.50/month)
Tuition for Rhetoric 1-3 Level Students - $2,500 ($250.00/month)
Tuition for Rhetoric 4 Level Students - $2,500 for all seven classes offered ($250.00/month) or $500 per class

Books and uniforms are purchased separately.

Tuesday Guided Study and Thursday Enrichment Courses are an additional fee. 

Class Schedule
This year, Classical Consortium will meet from August 10th until November 17th, and January 5th until May 25th.   Students are in class from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.

Meet Our Teachers

Classical Consortium Academy has an outstanding team of dedicated teachers, all of whom are dedicated Christians, passionate about their subject area and determined to help students succeed. Our goal as a team is to partner with families to provide a classical Christian education for their children. Learn more about our teachers through the button below.




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