Meet Our Faculty

Designed for a Purpose, Living with Purpose

Classical Consortium Academy has an outstanding team of dedicated teachers, all of whom are dedicated Christians, passionate about their subject area and determined to help students succeed. Our goal as a team is to partner with families to provide a classical Christian education for their children.


Julianne Braker

Sara Anderson

Critical Writing (R)

Omnibus (G4)

Linda Bryant

Omnibus Literature (L1/L2)

Omnibus American Studies Literature (R1)

Stephanie Bucataru

Latin C (G3/G4)

Omnibus (G2)

Jennifer Burns

Founder and Headmaster

Formal Logic (L1)

Critical Thinking (L2)

Classical Rhetoric I (R2) 

Fundamentals of Professionalism (R3/R4)


Rachael Dadabo

Omnibus History (L1/L2)

Spanish I (R1)


Alison Gardner

Pre-Algebra (G/L)

Algebra I (L/R)

Geometry (R)

Chemistry (R2)


Jill Gerhardt

Joslyn Golubski

Bible (G1/G2)

Intro to Spanish (L2)


Josh Grode

Economics and Personal Finance (R2)


Britany Gutierrez

Primary K

Deb Hayashi

Latin B (G)

Grammar Level 6 (G3)

 Omnibus: American Studies History (R)


Annie Johnson

Beth Kuzel

Jose Lopez

Latin A

Grammar Level 3 (G1)

Primary 2

Spanish II (R)

Spanish III (R)


Amy Louis

Primary 1

Stephanie Ludwig

Director of Administration

Science (G1/G3)

Physical Science (L1/L2)

Bill Marsh

 Independent Study (R4)

Jennifer Miller

Advanced Spanish (R) 

Kimberly Rapp

Biblical Studies (G3/G4)

Applied Grammar (G4)

Guidance Counselor

Elizabeth Ricci

Latin D (G4)

Latin II (L1/2)

Julie Roper

Academic Director

Christian Studies (L1)

 Omnibus (G3)

Omnibus (R2-4)


Arlona Schulz

Algebra II (R)

Pre-Calculus (R)

Jen Smythe

Physics (R1/R3)

Karen Snell

Science (G2/G4)

Logic Level Tutor (L)


Beth Urton

Church History (L2)

Tracey Wamsley

Grammar Level 4 (G2) Omnibus (G1)


Brandon Wilkins

Systematic Theology and Biblical Worldview (R1)

Classical Rhetoric II (R3)

I love teaching at CC because of the special relationships within the CC community.

Jennifer Miller, CC Teacher and Academic Director

The freedom to integrate a Biblical worldview throughout my classes is just one of the many reasons I love teaching at Classical Consortium.

Elizabeth Ricci, CC Teacher

CC has been a wonderful place to teach because of the support I receive from teachers and parents.

Rachael Dadabo, CC Teacher