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Concrete Wall

Student Showcase

When we use the gifts God has given us and take advantage of the opportunities He has provided, we glorify Him.  We love to see our students do their very best.  CCA honors their efforts.

Energy Conversion Ben, R3

Physics students were asked to show how energy converts.  Watch this video!

Dazzling Light

Modern Art Recreations Grammar Level

Grammar level students studied modern artists such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Pauline Powell Burns and then tried their hand at recreating some of their work. Sophia G3- Picasso's Rooster, Eleyna G4- Monet's Waterlilies, Axel G3- Powell Burns' Nature Study: Deer, Henry G3- Powell Burns' Nature Study: Deer, Wes G2- Powell Burns' Nature Study: Heron


20th Century History Slides Project Ella, L1

Students were asked to create a slide presentation on a significant historical event from the 20th century that included historical background, primary/secondary sources, and further information for the audience to learn more about this topic.


Short Story
Deborah B., G2

Every year, the G2 students each write a four-chapter short story during the second semester. Deborah wrote this about four siblings who rescue their mom from elves in another world.

Christmas Parade Dancers

School of Athens R2-4

Rhetoric level students lived out their study of Raphael and "jumped into" his famous School of Athens painting.

School of CCA.jpg

Animal Farm Art Work Chayli, L1

"I had the idea to create Animal Farm-inspired art after reading the book. My art is depicting Napoleon and some of the animals in the farm, for now they see that Napoleon is their leader since Snowball was chased out. Enjoy!"


Bad Decision Project
CJ, L2

Students were asked to deconstruct and analyze a poor decision made in history based on the ten critical thinking questions learned this year and then create their own well-reasoned solution to the problem.

Green Energy.jpg

Heartlyn, R2

The only thing hotter than the temperature in Arizona this July was our very own Heartlyn.  She took the USA Fencing Summer Nationals in Phoenix by storm!  Heartlyn won three national championships in a row.  She placed first in the Division II, Division III, and the Y-14 events.  Awesome job, Heartlyn!  Keep it up!

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