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Academics with Excellence

Classical Consortium Academy is a classical, Christian hybrid school that combines the expertise and accountability of a rigorous classical school and the flexibility and nurturing of homeschooling making CCA

"the best of school and home." 

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Classical Consortium Academy has been committed to creative learning through classical methods and subjects since its inception in 2006.

Primary (Kindergarten-2nd)

CCA's Primary Academy is designed to prepare students for the Grammar Level. Students will learn similar material to our Grammar Level, but without required homework. Classical subjects are taught with creative and hands-on methods.

Logic (7th-8th)

The Logic stage builds upon the Grammar stage. The goal is to equip students with the critical thinking skills necessary to recognize sound arguments and ideas, and to detect and correct fallacious ones. This stage addresses the questions of how and why. 

Grammar (3rd-6th)

The Grammar stage lays the foundation for future studies by building a framework of knowledge through each subject area.  Questions of who, what, where, and when are the focus, and memorization is a key part of learning. 

Rhetoric (9th-12th)

The Rhetoric stage is the capstone stage of Classical Education. Synthesizing both the knowledge from the Grammar Stage and the critical thinking skills of the Logic stage, Rhetoric students focus on developing strong communication skills, using both written and spoken language to express their thoughts eloquently and persuasively. 

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We strive to serve

We model the lifelong learning that we foster in our students by continually seeking ways to better serve our students, support our parents, and equip our teachers.

“I'm grateful for teachers at CCA who care deeply about my children's spiritual development as well as academic excellence.”

Elizabeth, CCA Parent

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