Art Scholarship Contest

We're so proud of our senior, Hannah Kim, for her entry into the Frame My Future scholarship contest.

Hannah has been a CC student for seven years and has showcased her artistic ability in many ways. This spring, she's going to spend three weeks instructing our grammar level art class. Her students are looking forward to learning from her technique.

For this scholarship contest, she created a piece of art about her own future. This piece is actually a combination of two pieces of artwork. The first is the image of the clouds, which is a chalk pastel painting in color. The other piece is a drawing done in ink of the people and the surrounding setting. They were combined in Photoshop, where extra details were added like the effect of the clouds coming out of the painting on the wall.

Have you ever walked past something that instantly caught your eye? You're inexplicably drawn to it; that is how I feel about my dream of becoming an artist and filmmaker in the animation industry. Though it is a burning desire in me, I have encountered many people who believe that it's impossible or are indifferent to it. I am the girl who alone is captivated by the painting on the wall that represents my dream. I have literally framed my future that is calling for me. - Hannah Kim, R4

Finalists are chosen this month, and voting begins in April. All of us at Classical Consortium are pulling for Hannah and her artwork to make it to the next round of #framemyfuture.

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