Exciting Changes for 2018-2019!

Spring is here, and exciting changes are underway at Classical Consortium! Every year we assess whether we are doing all that we can to meet the needs of our families and students. We look at where we need to adjust our program and make improvements. For 2018-2019, there are several very important changes to our programming schedule to share, especially for our high school program.

New for 2018-2019:

  • Pre-CC is now open to new families with children kindergarten through second grade.

  • We are adding an optional controlled group study day on Tuesdays for Grammar and Logic level students.

  • Our Rhetoric level program is now a required two-day program on Monday and Tuesday allowing for more teacher mentoring, class discussion, and course integration.

  • We are changing our Logic and Rhetoric Omnibus courses to allow for better integration of disciplines. We are also slightly reducing the number of texts that we are taking students through in order to dive more deeply into each.

  • We are offering some exciting new classes that help our students apply what they are learning: Applied Math and Science, Quadrivium, Applied Government, and Topics in Theology.

  • We are continuing with our additional math course offerings, study hall, and enrichment classes on Thursdays.

  • We are going to continue with and improve upon the fun activities that we began this year: House Games, Enrichment Weeks, Field Day, and great field trips.

  • We are pursuing a relationship with a local Christian school to give our students the opportunity to join in their extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

We're looking forward to the growth that these changes will bring to our students and classes.

Applications for 2018-2019 are now available. Current CC families have priority registration until March 19, 2018.

If you're interested in visiting Classical Consortium, sign-up for one of our Preview Days on March 19 and April 16.

We look forward to partnering with you on your homeschool journey.

Classical Consortium Academy is a once a week homeschool program serving families in Northern Illinois. If you'd like more information or to schedule a visit to our school, contact us.

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