How to Never Run Out of Printer Ink Again!

“Mom, the printer's out of ink! I need to print my Latin quiz!”

If you've ever been caught without ink right when your student was finishing an assignment, you know the aggravation of running out.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to print out a paper and finding out you have no ink – especially if it's Sunday night!

Being a student at CC involves a lot of printing: Grammar worksheets, Literature papers, Latin quizzes, Science fair projects, etc... Each of my children print at least a dozen pages per week (or more!). That means going through printer ink quickly.

Here is a printing solution that has worked for our family: HP Instant Ink

During our first year at Classical Consortium, my husband signed us up for HP Instant Ink. I have been grateful for it ever since! For one monthly fee, starting at $2.99, we can print everything we need for CC. This price includes all of our ink – which means never running to the store for an ink cartridge again. HP replacement ink cartridges arrive at my door by magic (with free shipping).

“Instant Ink is the best! It saves us so much money. We're paying ¼ of what we were before for printing.” Elizabeth Ricci, CC Teacher and Parent

“We don't have to plan ahead for time to get to the store. It's seamless. We go through a lot of ink having a Logic and Rhetoric student. It's much cheaper with Instant Ink.” - Brenda Morrison, CC Parent

Since our HP printer is WiFi-enabled, HP automatically ships out ink before we run low. They also include a recycling envelope to ship back the used up ink. We always have an extra ink cartridge on hand when we run out – and I don't have to think about it! This takes one more thing off my to-do list. Check if your printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink.

If you're interested in trying HP Instant Ink, you can sign up here. I hope that his tip helps your family save money and time on printing costs.

Have a great week of learning!

Classical Consortium Academy is a classical Christian homeschool program serving families in Northern Illinois. This is the third post in our curriculum spotlight series. If you're interested in learning more about our academic program, send us a message!


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