Student Orientation: Phantom Ranch

Every year Classical Consortium kicks off the year with a fun-filled student orientation. This year we traveled to Phantom Ranch in Wisconsin for an overnight with our students and parent chaperones.

Student orientation is designed build new friendships and unite our students around our spiritual theme for the year. It's a mix of recreation, small group time, worship, and messages from Mrs. Burns about the what God has laid on her heart for CC this year.

Watch this short video of orientation made from our Instagram

We traveled by bus up to Phantom Ranch Bible Camp. After eating lunch and settling into our cabins, it was time for our first icebreaker activity. We divided into teams for a Picture Scavenger Hunt around the camp.

G1 girls plan where to search next for their picture clues

After finishing the scavenger hunt, our students spent the rest of the afternoon doing their choice of activities. They went to the beach, boated on the lake, or played games like nine-square and beach volleyball.

Students enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand. The water trampoline was an especially popular place on the lake!

Kayaking and canoeing

Students tried their skills at log rolling

Nine-square was a popular game

Rhetoric students played sand volleyball together

After a lively afternoon, we all gathered in the dining hall for dinner. Then we walked up the hill to the chapel for evening worship, teaching by Mrs. Burns, and more fun activities.

Mrs. Burns encouraged our students, "God will equip you for the job he's given. You can do what it is that God puts before you this year."

Game #1: Treasure Hunt. The goal was to snatch and replace the stuffed animal without being tagged. By the end of the game, each group was a hilarious chaos of swinging pool noodles!

Game #2: Strike a Pose! Students and teachers came up with some creative poses. Who knew Mrs. Ludwig could do the splits?

Small group was a time for students to share their ideas from the teaching.

After the sun went down, we enjoyed a bonfire with s'mores and glow sticks. Our worship team led us in song around the fire.

We were blessed by our Rhetoric students who led worship for us throughout the weekend.

Back in the cabins, students got ready for bed and talked about the day. It's unknown how many of us actually slept...

Next morning, we woke up early for breakfast. Then we went to chapel for worship, small group time, and Mrs. Burns' closing message.

In small groups we discussed making wise decisions about our time. Did you know that the average number of decisions a person makes in a day is 35,000? Each one represents an opportunity.

Free time until lunch! The weather was a bit cooler, so many students played games instead of swimming in the lake.

The dining room was full of students playing games like chess and Apples to Apples with their classmates.

Our leaders and chaperones made orientation such a special event for our students.

After lunch, it was time to head home. Students loaded their luggage onto the buses and found seats with their classmates. The ride home was full of chatter and card games like Mafia.

Orientation was a wonderful opening to the school year. It created lasting memories and encouraged our students to build their friendships and set wise goals for themselves.

This year's theme verse is from Psalm 90:12, "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." We're praying for a great school year!

Classical Consortium Academy is a once a week homeschool program serving families in Northern Illinois.


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