Science Fair Night

On Monday night, CC celebrated its annual Science Fair Night with food, activities, and prizes awarded to the winners. Our students have spent the past month hard at work on their science projects, and it was exciting to see their work displayed.

Mrs. Snell with Ben, one of her G3 students

This year, G3, G4, and L2 science classes participated in Science Fair. (If you're new to our grade levels, G3 = 5th grade, G4 = 6th grade, and L2 = 8th grade). It was a great learning opportunity for our students!

Over thirty science projects were on display in the gym

Our parent volunteers set up the food. Pulled pork, salad, fruit, popcorn, and plenty of dessert were on the menu. Students lined up for dinner right away!

After dinner, it was time for the judging to begin. Students prepared speeches about their experiments to share with the crowd. There was nervous excitement as each table of students waited for the judges to come over to their projects.

Abby, one of our G4 winners. She studied the effect of fabric softener on flame retardants.

Each project was judged by a combination of CC science teacher, community volunteers and Rhetoric students. Science fair participants explained their experiment and answered the judges' questions. Scoring was kept secret!

Mrs. Smythe and two judges talk with a student about her project.

Students also enjoyed the science activities set up around the gym. CC students and their younger siblings participated in the Science Fair Scavenger Hunt and hands-on activity stations. This year our Grammar level science classes are studying Apologia: Anatomy and Physiology, and each activity station centered on a different system in the body such as the lungs, heart, and muscles.

After students completed all of the activities, they turned in their scavenger hunt papers and chose a prize.

PreCC students make a DNA model with red licorice. Student volunteers did a great job guiding younger participants through each science activity.

After the judges had visited each project, the next part of our program began. Mrs. Snell, one of our science teachers, gave a presentation about nine bodily systems and how they reflect God's creative design. She displayed a sheep's brain, heart, lungs, trachea, and cow eye for her audience.

After the presentation, it was time for the awards! The judges had conferred and made their final decisions. Who would the winners be?

Mrs. Ludwig presenting a student with his award.

Students cheered and clapped for their classmates as Mrs. Burns announced each winner. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes were given in each participating grade level, plus a special prize for science centerpieces designed by our younger students.

Congratulations to our science fair winners! Enjoy your prizes!

After the awards, it was time to clean up. Everyone pitched in to stack chairs, fold tables, and pick up the gym. Many hands make light work.

Thank you to all of our science teachers, student volunteers, community judges, and parent volunteers for making Science Fair Night a success!

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