New for 2017-2018: PreCC for K-2nd Grade

We have exciting news for 2017-2018! Our PreCC program will open for kindergarten through 2nd grade. This will be a drop-off program just like our regular CC program. Click here to read more.

Younger siblings of CC students will be eligible to join this class starting next year. While the current PreCC class is made up of children of teachers and graders who stay on-site during the day, we're excited to expand this class for 2017-2018 to all CC families!

Mrs. Wamsley leads morning circle time with her students.


Every Monday, PreCC students are introduced to classical subjects with creative and hands-on methods. The PreCC curriculum covers Bible, Grammar, Science, Omnibus, Math, Latin, Literature, and Gym. Students will learn similar material to our Grammar (3rd-6th) level, but without assigned homework. This class will prepare students for the Grammar Level, and it is a whole lot of fun!

Start of the Day

Mrs. Wamsley leads her class up to Chapel. PreCC students sing worship songs with the rest of our CC students and listen to the messages given by students and Mrs. Burns.

PreCC Students and teachers sit together during Chapel.

Morning Activities

After chapel, PreCC students begin the morning with circle time. This is a time where the class shares about their highs and lows of the past week, prays to focus the day on God, and previews what they'll be learning that day.

"I like turning Bible stories into plays with my friends. I also love Mrs. Wamsley! She is great!" - Lincoln, Kindergarten

Bible and Math

Every Monday, Mrs. Wamsley reads aloud to her class from The Story Bible for Children. One of their favorite activities is acting out the Bible story as a class. During math, students practice early elementary math skills such as number bonds, counting money and fractions with hands-on activities, worksheets, and working in pairs.

“I like PreCC because I get to do crafts and play with my friends.“ - Geneva, 2nd grade

Omnibus History

Our Omnibus study follows the Mystery of History curriculum. Through biography, historical fiction, and video students are introduced to important people and places which have shaped our world. Right now students are learning about the world during the 1700's, including the founding of America.

Each lesson is accompanied by crafts and activities to reinforce learning. Students are building the Jamestown Fort out of cardboard.

Gym & Lunchtime

Our youngest students have a lot of energy! After a morning of learning, students grab their lunches and move to the gym to eat and play. There's plenty of room to run around, and students play games together using scooters and balls. The class also spends time outside when the weather allows. Sometimes they play in the snow or collect nature items to use for an art project.

PreCC students built a tower "taller than our teacher!"


PreCC follows along with the Grammar level science classes using Apologia Science. Students enjoy learning through experiments and projects. Next year they'll use the Junior Notebooking Journal as part of their science study.

Science Exploration: Students learn about the circulatory system by building a model of the heart with graham crackers, marshmallows, and red/blue frosting. They made wearable anatomy aprons earlier this year.


During literature, students listen to their teacher read aloud from historical fiction. Mrs. Wamsley matches the book with the era that the class is learning about in history. Right now they're reading a story about Pocahantas.

End of the Day

After a full day of activities and learning, students gather their bags, coats, water bottles, and projects to show their parents at pick-up. Class ends at 3:45pm, and students say goodbye to their friends until next week.

Art Time: Painting with shaving cream "snow"

As you can see in these photos, PreCC is an engaging place to learn and grow. If you're interested in enrolling your student, application forms will be posted next month. Due to classroom size, there are limited spots available for PreCC.

Registration for 2017-2018 will open in March! If you're new to CC, we'd be delighted to schedule a visit to our program. Click here to contact us and set up a visit. We look forward to meeting your family!


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