A Day in the Life of a Rhetoric Student

Today's post is written by one of our graduating seniors, Eliza Miller. She shows us what a typical Monday at CC looks like for our upperclassmen in this photo essay. Eliza is pictured on the far left of the photo below.


First Stop: Turn in all my homework in the gym. Then it's time for Chapel. I always look forward to this time of the day. It's such an awesome opportunity to worship God and to hear a lovely devotional from one of my peers.

Study Hall: Since I'm a Rhetoric 4 student and have finished up most of my credits, I only take four classes on Mondays. This gives me time for a study hall. I usually use this opportunity to finish up any left-over reading for Literature or Omnibus, get ahead on homework, or study for an exam.

Class #1: AP Literature and Composition. I love this class because it is such an intimate environment. My fellow seniors and I discuss the books we are reading, analyze poetry, edit each other's work, and prepare for the AP exam.

Lunch time! I would be lying if I said that this wasn't one of my favorite times of the day. Being able to sit and chat with my friends from all grades, and even my teachers, is certainly a fun time.

After lunch, I head to Omnibus. I'm pretty sure that every Rhetoric student would back me up in saying that Mrs. Anderson's Omnibus class is the best. We have all sorts of interesting discussions and debates about literature, the Bible, our worldviews, you name it...

Small groups

One of the very best parts of Omnibus class is the time that we take each week to break into smaller groups and really dig into the Bible and discover what it says about our current topic. This week we discussed greed in "The Pardoner's Tale," Canterbury Tales.

My final class is Applied Rhetoric. Along with the help of Mrs. Anderson, my classmates and I are working on writing senior thesis papers on topics of our choice. My thesis topic is "Defending Harry Potter to a Christian audience."

End of the day: My C.C. days always end with the collection of my graded homework and tests from the homework files. Then I hang out with friends in the gym while I wait for my mom and brother to be ready to leave.

Eliza Miller is an R4 student at Classical Consortium Academy. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing piano, baking, and scrapbooking. After graduating, she plans to attend Hillsdale College in Michigan and study Spanish, Christian Studies, and Literature.


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