How to plan an amazing BEST event!

When I was a new CC parent, planning BEST events intimidated me. I was worried about coming up with an idea that students would enjoy. And it felt like an additional obligation in my busy schedule. Thankfully, a more experienced CC mom gave me planning advice, and because of her our Grammar level students enjoyed a fun afternoon at Epic Air the next month.

If you’re feeling the same way about planning a BEST event, this post is for you. We’ve put together easy steps for planning one that can work for every CC level.

Keep reading, then schedule your homeschool social event so that our students can enjoy time together with their co-op classmates!

Grammar level parents and students at an outdoor movie BEST event in September

What is a BEST event?

BEST stands for Building, Enjoying, Sharpening, Together. Mrs. Burns created this acronym a few years ago as a way to remind students of God's purpose for friendship. Having social events outside of CC builds our homeschool community. Classical Consortium students really enjoy hanging out with their friends and classmates!

Each family is asked to plan one event during the year for their student's level [Grammar (G1/2 or G3/4), Logic, or Rhetoric]. Depending on the activity, the levels may be combined. These opportunities create lasting memories with classmates. It’s a great way to have fun together!

Grammar Level girls enjoying their time at a BEST movie night

3 Easy Steps to Planning a BEST Event

Even if you've never planned one before, these steps will make it simple.

1. Choose an event from the list below (or create your own).

Note: Everyone pays their own admission fees – planners do not fund the event.

2. Choose a day and time that works for your family (3-4 weeks notice is best so it can go on our calendar)

3. Post about the event on our Schoology Group and email Jennifer Burns at with the information.

Then come with your CC students and enjoy your time together!

Event Ideas:

Are you stuck on what to do? The list below contains dozens of ideas, from outdoor activities to service projects to field trips. Ask your students what activities they're interested in (they'll probably circle a lot more than you have time to schedule!).

Activities at Home

Admission Charged

Museum Field Trips

CC Students exploring an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry

Seasonal Activities

Service Projects

The Mirror Maze at the Museum of Science and Industry was a big hit with our homeschool co-op students!

Following these easy steps will make planning your BEST event simple and straightforward. I can't wait to see how our calendar fills up with fun activities for our students this year!

Remember to send Jennifer Burns an email at with your BEST event information.

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