Latin, Lacrosse, and Teleporting? Meet Teacher Elizabeth Ricci

Pop Quiz. Which of these is true about Mrs. Ricci?


A. Knows six languages

B. Lived in Albania

C. Played Lacrosse in college

D. Attended a classical school

Answer: All of them!

Every Classical Consortium teacher has a story. We know Mrs. Ricci as an encouraging and upbeat teacher who's ready to laugh with her students and engage them in challenging material (Latin! Plutarch! Augustine!).

Last Monday we caught up with Mrs. Ricci while she was grading a pile of Omnibus papers in the grading room at CC. Read her responses below to learn more about her impact in our classical co-op program.

"Mrs. Ricci is a wonderful teacher. She's funny!"

- Classical Consortium Latin students

How long have you been teaching at CC?

This is my fourth year. I think I've taught almost every CC student at this point!

Which classes do you teach?

I teach two Latin classes and an Omnibus class. We cover a lot of material in my classes. This year in Omnibus we've read Augustine's Confessions and are about to start Eusebius' The Church History.

What do you like about Classical Consortium?

Everything! Being able to integrate my Christian faith with academics is wonderful. I can encourage students in their academics at the same time as I'm caring about their faith and character.

"She's really good at making me as a student feel part of the class.

She's not just the teacher 'up there'; she involves people."

- Classical Consortium Omnibus student

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How do you make your classes fun?

Keeping the students active and trying to engage a variety of learning styles, and awarding fabulous prizes (thank you, Dollar Tree).

What’s your favorite memory from Classical Consortium?

“Don’t try to change the case, until you find the base.”

In my Latin B class a few years ago, three students (I won't name any names) created a full fledged dance routine to one of our Latin chants. They performed it in front of the class, and we still talk about it!

What brought you to CC?

Our family had homeschooled for two years by ourselves, and we were ready to look for a co-op. When we visited Classical Consortium we were blown away by what we saw. I didn’t know like anything like this existed. I had grown up going to a classical school, so I felt like I was home.

What do you do outside of CC?

I play bass on our worship team. I spend a lot of time at baseball games and backstage at Spotlight theater productions. I love serving and volunteering in our church’s Community Closet that gives away clothing, household items and diapers.

Classical Homeschool Co-op Illinois

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I'd love to be able to teleport. Imagine how much time I could save :-). We could leave for CC at 7:50 am on Monday mornings instead of 7:00 am! I could go to Tahiti on a moment's notice.

Latin can be a challenging subject. What do you wish people understood about it?

Memoria Press says, "Latin is like academic velcro. It connects with everything." Knowing Latin increases your English word power, your logic sense, and your grammar power. Once you know Latin, learning other languages becomes much more accessible. I get really excited when I see the connections between Latin, Spanish, English, Theology, Logic, Law, Science, etc.

Elizabeth Ricci teaches Latin and Omnibus at Classical Consortium Academy. She knows six languages: Latin, English, Albanian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek.She and her husband Gary homeschool their four children in Lake County, IL.


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