Schoology: Ten Tips to Try

It’s Tuesday morning, your dining room table is buried under a pile of school books, and your homework spreadsheet lists “Schoology” in several assignments.

Welcome to Homeschooling 2.0! While there is plenty of paper-and-pencil writing done at CC, we believe our students also benefit from digital learning. Schoology is the tool that has helped us make this happen.

We love the way that it makes it easy to organize our classes, submit assignments, plan social events and post calendar information. But every tool has a learning curve. What are ways to make Schoology work for you?

1. Download the App

Schoology’s app is fast and free. Available for Apple and Android. Includes all important features from their website.

Schoology Classical Consortium Homeschool Co-op

2. Profile Picture

Post a headshot. Pick something creative, a hobby, or area of interest. Customize your profile for fun.

3. Link Accounts

If you have multiple students, link all your profiles together so that you don't have to sign in and out to switch classes.

4. CC Calendar

“When is the next Pizza Day?” The right hand column of Schoology features an ‘Upcoming Events’ calendar that lists everything going on at CC. You can also integrate it with your Google/Outlook calendar.

5. Course Pages

You’re out of state and left your Biology binder at home. No problem. With Schoology, all syllabi and assignment schedules are just one download away.

6. Class Discussion

Teachers and classmates can post questions and updates on their page. This is a great place to get help with an assignment or brainstorm CC Showcase ideas.

7. Message teachers

Run into a problem in Latin? Your teacher is just a click away through Schoology. No email lookup necessary.

8. Email Notifications

Customize which emails you do (and don’t) want to receive on the notifications tab. You can also change privacy and account settings.

9. Resources

The Personal Resources section offers free cloud storage for your documents and links. CC's Group Resources provide access to downloadable Homework Spreadsheets, Memory Work, and more. Use the Apps section to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and Khan Academy directly into Schoology.

10. Passwords Tip

Having trouble choosing a secure password for Schoology? Make it simple with this formula:

Song title/lyric + number/character = Hellofromtheotherside@5

We hope that these tips have given you ideas for how to make Schoology an even better tool in your homeschool routine. Check out Schoology's support area for even more information.

Have a great week studying!


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