Student Orientation: What's Your Story?

“It was awesome!”

“I liked everything!”

“Starting out this way gets you excited for the school year.”

“Mrs. Burns' speech was eye opening. She said things that really stuck with me.”

Classical Consortium kicked off the year with a fun-filled student orientation. From the quotes above, you can tell that our students had a great time! Take a peek at what we did on Thursday.

Highlights from the Day

  • Connecting with new friends and classmates

  • Taking The Quiz: Are you a Head, Hands or Heart?

  • Mrs. Burns' message about God's story and our role in HIStory

  • Soccer and Walleyball

  • THE POOL and water slides

  • Marco Polo and Sharks & Minnows

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Icebreaker games (candy prizes)

  • CC T-shirts (light blue this year)

  • Sharing ideas about making a difference (stay tuned for more about this!)

Classical Consortium's theme this year is "Being part of HIStory." Mrs. Burns challenged our students to live for a greater purpose and take action as part of God's story.

"We are part of the greatest story ever written, God's story, and HE is the greatest author. We are characters in development, and we need to be the people who are ready to GO and DO for Him. We're part of God transforming this world. You can make a difference. When you are used by God in the smallest and biggest of ways, that is a blessing. So...what's your story? A story worth living - a story that gives glory to God." - Mrs. Burns

After the message, students spent time with their classes brainstorming ways to take action this school year. They discussed raising money for orphanages, visiting nursing homes, doing homeless outreach, Feed my Starving Children, collecting toy donations, supporting missionaries, and much more. As a school, it will be exciting to see what opportunities students have to reach out and make a difference this year!

“Each person's life is a story that is telling itself in the living.” - Will Trosby Bridges


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