Teaching to Ignite

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

Classical Consortium's Leadership Team has been busy all summer preparing for the new school year. Our program is blessed to have 30 teachers who teach a total of 52 classes every Monday! This week we gathered as a team for Teacher Orientation to prepare for our classes this year.

Starting the Day

Teachers began the day by picking up their supplies (dry erase markers, printer paper, CC t-shirts, information packets). After catching up with friends and coworkers after the summer break, we started our first activity which was a “Finding Out More About You” quiz. (Take an online version here: Are you ruled by your Hands, Head or Heart?)

Hands, Head, or Heart?

Mrs. Burns opened our orientation in prayer. Then each teacher introduced themselves, including their quiz results. We had some surprising results! Most of all, we each learned a little bit more about how God has wired us as individuals, as well as the way He has wired our students.

“We want our students to be fully engaged with their heart, head, and hands so they can glorify God to the fullest” - Mrs. Burns

After Mrs. Burns unpacked the different ways that people operate with their heads, hands, and hearts, teachers broke into small groups to brainstorm ways to apply these ideas in our classrooms. We discussed how to connect with each type of student, and how to make our classrooms a place where students can grow and be motivated to take action on their learning.

Taking Action

Classical Consortium's theme this year is “Being part of HIStory” because our goal is to have students who are actively engaged in the world around them. Mrs. Burns emphasized how important it is for our students to understand the purpose behind their education and for their lives. As teachers, we were challenged to encourage our students and communicate our subject matter in a way that shows the 'why' behind what we're asking them to learn.

“We want to encourage our students to live outside of themselves and bless the world. Our goal is to motivate them to do something with what they've learned to enrich the world and bring glory to God” - Mrs. Burns

Teacher Meet and Greet

After we had lunch and some final sharing and reflections, it was time to meet our new families! Teacher Meet and Greet is a time when students and parents can chat with their teachers. Each grade level introduced themselves and the subjects that they teach, as well as what excites them about this upcoming year (our teachers are passionate about their subject matter!).

The day wrapped up with New Family Orientation and New Teacher Orientation, going over the nuts and bolts of doing CC each week. It was a whirlwind of details!

Orientation was a great kick-off to the school year, and teachers are looking forward to meeting their students on Monday when CC starts!


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