Primary Academy (K-2nd)

Classical Consortium Primary Academy (K-2nd grade) is designed to prepare students for the Grammar Level of Classical Consortium. Students will learn similar material to our Grammar Level, but without required homework. Classical subjects are taught with creative and hands-on methods. 

Each class day begins with circle time, where we pray and focus our day on God, spend time talking about our highs and lows of the past week, and prepare for the day ahead. Our class studies Bible, grammar, science, history, math, Latin, and Literature. Our curriculum has been chosen specifically to prepare students to enter the grammar level. Our class also enjoys time playing in the gym and outside (when the weather allows). Optional at-home work is posted for families to do during the week.

Biblical Studies

Students will move through the entire Bible chronologically. Students will be given an understanding of the complete story of the biblical narrative using the Story Bible for Children NirV. Each class we will read, discuss, journal or play-act the bible story highlighting important events, people, and places. Students will also be learning and memorizing key bible verses.

Grammar - Shurley Grammar

We will set the foundation for the grammar level studies by using Shurley English Level 1 and 2. This curriculum covers basic parts of speech, punctuation, statements and questions, word order, letters, and more.

Science - Apologia

In our class we will follow the same science curriculum as the grammar level students and use the junior note-booking journal. Students will learn through hands-on experiments and projects.

History and Geography - Mystery of History

Our class time parallels the time and places which are being studied in grammar levels. Through biography, historical fiction, and audio-visual students are introduced to many important people and places which have shaped our world. Each lesson is accompanied by crafts and activities to reinforce learning.

Literature and Composition

Students will be introduced to age appropriate historical fiction during class corresponding with the period of history being studied. Students will be led in exercises which will identify main ideas, plot, and description of characters and setting.

LatinSong School Latin

Our students will be introduced to the Latin Language through the use of songs, stories, games and activities. We will use Song School Latin program specifically designed for young students. This vocabulary-based program provides a foundation for the Latin study with will continue through the Grammar level.