Grammar Level (K-6th Grade)


The Grammar stage lays the foundation for future classical studies by building a framework of knowledge through each subject area (Art, Bible, Latin, Literature, Science, World History). Questions of who, what, where, and when are the focus, and memorization is a key part of learning. At CC we give students a context for what they're memorizing because we understand that it will give them a strong foundation for future learning in the Logic Level. 

Grammar Level (3rd-6th Grade) Course Descriptions

Latin - Logos Latin
The study of the classical language, Latin, is the core of a classical education. In the grammar stage, the emphasis will be on the memorization of Latin grammar by the ancient method of oral recitation and form drills. Additionally, students learn to apply the grammar they are learning by doing weekly Latin readings where they see the grammar in context.

Biblical Studies - God's Great Covenant
In this course, students will move through the entire Bible during a four-year cycle. This class will focus on the people, events, and chronology of the Bible. Biblical study will be enriched by an understanding of the history of the time. Special emphasis is placed on memorization of key dates, people, facts, and bible verses. In addition, older grammar students will be introduced to basic theology and how to identify theological themes.

Grammar - Shurley Grammar
Once a student reaches twelfth grade following a classical Christian education, he will be able to think logically and express himself well both on paper and through speech. The foundation of clear communication begins with a strong command of English grammar. The best curriculum we have found to build this strong foundation is Shurley Grammar. Because of the importance of English grammar in a classical Christian education, we require all CC students to follow the Shurley Grammar series. G1 students will be taught Shurley Grammar level 3 at CC. G2 through G4 students have an opportunity to study Shurley Grammar levels 4, 6, and 7 at CC or at home. 

Science - Apologia
All grammar level students will learn the same science subject. Over four years the students will cover Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy and Botany, Zoology: Flying Creatures, and Zoology: Land Animals using Apologia science curriculum. Monday science classes include labs.

Omnibus - Mystery of History, Writing Rhetoric, and Great Literature

Our grammar level Omnibus course is an integrated approach to teaching literature, composition, history, and geography and the arts. History is taught in chronological order, integrating biblically recorded history with events not recorded in Scripture. This helps our students know the relationship between what they study in history books and what they read in the Bible. Special emphasis is placed on memorization of key dates, people, and facts. Geography Songs and other tools will be used to help students commit to memory the relevant geography. Students will read purposefully chosen, high-quality historical fiction corresponding with the period of history being studied for each year. Using these texts as a source of inspiration, our students will develop the basic skills of solid expository writing to include expository paragraphs, essays, and book reports. Additionally, students will complete exercises in fable, narrative, and chreia writing, the beginning levels of the progymnasmata. These exercises were developed by the ancient Greeks and are a valuable tool to help students become proficient, logical, and eloquent writers. Students will use imitation of excellent writing models, which allow them to create within a limited framework while paying close attention to the target language skills appropriate for their own developmental level.

Fine Art Appreciation and Instruction

In Studying Art Through the Masters - Drawing, students will focus on drawing. In the Color class, students will build on their knowledge of drawing and focus on color and themes. In addition to practicing with the materials and methods students study in class, they will also study the work of some of the Masters. Much of the class time will be studio time. We will attempt to give the children a comprehensive understanding and appreciation, not only of art, but also of the importance of observing God’s creation and translating it into something they can express on paper. Art is one of two possible electives for grammar students.


Other Subjects

At home, parents must teach students math, and may choose to teach spelling and penmanship on their own. To help ensure that students are prepared well in the area of math, assignments from Horizons math are included on weekly spreadsheets.


Guided Study Hall (Tuesdays)

Grammar Level students have the opportunity to come to CCA on Tuesdays to take part in a guided learning day where students will be able to accomplish one or more days of assigned work under the guidance of a teacher, while also enjoying the opportunity for fellowship and comraderie. Tuesday’s study schedule covers History and Geography, Mathematics, Science, Biblical Studies, Grammar, Latin and Literature, as well as a free reading time, a lunch break/recess and gym time, and an unstructured time where students can pursue creativity: crafts, games, puzzles and such. It's a great opportunity to work on class assignments.

My favorite class is Latin because it's fun to learn new languages. I also like the science fair; the exhibits are fun.

David D., G2 Student

I enjoy everything about CC! Art is my favorite subject because it helps me to use detail in drawings.

Emily Y., G4 Student

I enjoyed Classical Composition because it helped me improve my skills as a writer.

Weston A, G4 Student