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Covid-19 Q&A: 

  • Are you meeting in person?  Meeting in person is a priority for us at CCA.  We plan to meet in person for as long as it is safe to do so.  We will be live streaming all class, so that students who are sick or compromised may still “attend”.

  • Are you meeting inside or outside?  We are starting our year a bit earlier this year and taking a longer break between Thanksgiving and the New Year to both avoid the prime flu/COVID season and take advantage of hosting classes outdoors as much as possible. 

  • What are your COVID procedures?  We have developed guidelines that take into account data available from inside and outside of the US with both safety and reasonableness in mind.  We’ve weighed the physical risk to our students with the mental need for school to be as “normal” as possible.  Please contact Jennifer Burns at ClassicalConsortiumAcademy@gmail.com to discuss specific COVID guidelines for the coming year.

  • What will the class size be?  Our Primary-K class is capped at 12, our Primary 1-2 class is capped at 15, and our Academy classes are capped at 22.

Where does Classical Consortium meet?

We are located at Village Church of Barrington on Lake Cook Rd. in Barrington, IL. Our program meets on Mondays from 8:00 am - 3:45 pm, on Tuesdays from 8:00am until 1:45pm for 9th – 12th grade students.  We offer an optional guided study day on Tuesdays for 3rd-8th graders during that time, as well.  Additional math classes, study time, and enrichment classes are offered on Thursdays from 8:30am – 3:15pm.  All of our classes run during the traditional school year.

What grades does CC serve?

We offer classes for K-12th grade. Our program is divided into three sections: Grammar (3rd-6th), Logic (7th-9th), and Rhetoric (9th-12th). Our Primary Program (K-2nd) is an enriching academic program designed for early elementary students just starting out with the classical method.

Can we pick and choose courses?

Our program is a full day commitment.  Rhetoric Level students have course choices based on their skill level. Please see our Academics section for more details on our course of study.

How long do students spend on homework each day?

It depends on each individual child and the family's schedule at home. On average, the amount of hours a traditional student spends in school is how much time your student will spend doing his/her CC work.

What makes Classical Consortium different from other programs?

We have thoughtfully developed our course of study to lay a foundation in classical education that builds upon itself as students move through our program in each stage of the Trivium. Unlike other co-ops that simply provide a variety of classes to pick and choose from based on interest, we have created an integrated set of courses and areas of study from 3rd through 12th grade to equip our students for success. On Mondays our students move from class to class, being engaged by teachers who have a passion for and experience in their subject matter.

Can I visit the school?

We welcome prospective families to visit us! The best way to experience what makes a CCA education unique is to spend a day observing our classes and community. Please fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch to schedule a visit. We also hold Preview Days during Spring Semester for prospective families. 

Are you affiliated with Classical Conversations®?

Classical Consortium Academy is not affiliated with Classical Conversations®. We are an independent classical home school program. We offer a unique approach to classical Christian homeschooling through our classes and comprehensive curriculum support. Read more about our academic program and schedule a visit to our campus.

Do I need to volunteer or teach at Classical Consortium if my child is enrolled?

Classical Consortium does NOT require parents to volunteer or teach at our program. CCA is a comprehensive homeschool support program whose staff are funded by tuition. Many parents drop their child off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. Other parents stay on campus to work as support staff or teachers. For those interested, parent volunteer opportunities are available.

How much does CCA cost to attend?

2021-2022 Fees and Tuition:
Registration Fee - $175 fee per family due with registration
Orientation Fee - $50 fee per student

Tuition for Primary Level Students - $1,200 ($120.00/month)
Tuition for Grammar Level Students - $1,485 ($148.50/month)
Tuition for Logic Level Students - $1,535 ($153.50/month)
Tuition for Rhetoric 1-3 Level Students - $2,500 ($250.00/month)
Tuition for Rhetoric 4 Level Students - $2,500 for all six classes offered ($250.00/month) or $500 per class

Books and uniforms are purchased separately.

Tuesday Guided Study and Logic Level math classes are an additional fee. 

Are you accredited?

We are a member of the Association for Classical Christian Schools (ACCS, http://www.accsedu.org). In addition, our Rhetoric Level program is NCAA approved.

I love CC because everyone supports you. I appreciate the camaraderie.

Grace, L2 Student

I enjoyed Classical Composition

 because it helped me improve my skills as a writer.

Weston, G4 Student

CC teaches me something new every week and to love to work hard.

Eliza, Rhetoric Student